Sunday, August 12, 2012


This week has been by far the most challenging for me. It is no one else's fault but mine. The first few weeks were smooth sailing. This week was totally different. I did not use my time wisely and put other things first that should not have been. The day to day life smacked the crap out of me and I felt it. The lack of discipline I had this week was disappointing. I let the frustrations of life win. I took some time to reflect on what really matters today, and realized that I need to drop the drama and move on with what I can control. The other things that may seem major are not going to change my ability to continue to better myself for my family or stop me from doing my best. Yes, it sucks I will miss another Thanksgiving for the fourth year in a row, but I will not let this derail me from my ultimate goal. So what ever tries to get in my way don't mind the sound of my laughter I will not let you win. Now here's to a new day


  1. Kyle, yes it does suck that you will miss another Thanksgiving Thursday but hey, every day is a thanksgiving, right? Who says you have to get the family all together on that Thursday? I say pick another day that week that you will be available and your family is available and your friends are available and have a feast! Feast on a Saturday! Feast on a Monday night! Whatever....keep the holiday in your heart and screw the date (and work, which I assume is where you have to be on thanksgiving day). Scott and I hold a Friend's Thanksgiving every year...usually a week before the actual thanksgiving day and it is a blast - sometimes more fun than the usual day of celebration! Love that you'll keep the laughter going...bravo you!

  2. Agreeing with Sherri on this one....sad you won't be there. But everyday is Thanksgiving...b/c I give thanks for you!