Monday, July 30, 2012


As I dealt with some slip ups and struggles this weekend I reminded myself that change is a process. I have no excuse for them. Everyday there are challenges in everyone's life. The challenges are different for everyone when it comes to eating, exercising, or drinking, I am confident that I will overcome them. I will admit to giving in and take responsibility for my actions. After being "clean" for quite sometime now, I must not beat myself up for these actions. Getting back to the process is my main focus and I will achieve great things thru this process.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The journey begins

As I began this journey two weeks ago I never could have imagined the changes that would/will take place. So far I have accomplished giving up soda which is ashore accomplishment in my book. I used to drink between 4-6 Mt Dews a day and I have not had any in over three weeks! I am new to this blogging thing so bear with me if you can. I will try to update my success and struggles weekly. Here's to a new lifestyle